Mobile Poker


Mobile Poker

Play Mobile Poker with Unibet, Never Miss out on the Action Again

If you’re looking to play poker with Unibet there are a number of reasons why you should look into the potential of playing via your mobile. Maybe you already prefer to play poker on mobile phones or via a tablet but if you’re currently committed to a static PC, you should look at giving yourself further options.

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With mobile poker, you get great flexibility but at the same time, you can ensure that you never miss out on tournament play.

Play anywhere

We know that playing any kind of casino game on your mobile phone gives you the option to play anywhere you want. Maybe you’re stuck on a train with leaves on the line or perhaps you’re preparing dinner and can’t get away from the kitchen to focus on the PC.

These are just two scenarios where playing poker on a mobile phone can give you great flexibility and keep you playing your favourite games. This flexibility is desirable for all casino games but for poker, it’s perhaps even more important.

Don’t miss out

If you just wanted to play on the slot machines at Unibet’s online casino then you can do this at any time to suit you. If you’re not comfortable with mobile play then you can always wait until you are at home and can put aside some time to log on and hit the slots.

The same can apply to roulette but with poker, timing can be everything. As a Unibet poker customer, you can buy access to some of the best online tournaments and we also give you £20.00 in free tournament tickets when you sign up as a new account holder.

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These are timed events so, if there is a tournament that you have a strong interest in, you will need to be available at a specific time in order to join in and take your place at the table. If you are late then you may miss out and that’s why it could be even more important to be able to play mobile poker via your phone or tablet.

Your choice

With Unibet we have a dedicated mobile site and there is an app too so, if you are planning to play poker on mobile phone, you have the choice of either. The app can be downloaded for free from your usual sources but if you prefer the mobile site, be sure to bookmark it in your browser in order to save time when logging on.

With mobile poker at Unibet, timing is the key so you’ll need a fast connection no matter if you are on mobile or desktop. Naturally, you have the option to stay with your static PC but, in order to give yourself great flexibility while playing on the go, mobile poker is a logical option. Mobile play also helps to ensure that you never miss out on your favourite tournaments either so log on, download the app or access the mobile website and start playing.

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