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How to play Texas Hold’Em

If you’ve ever played any form of poker before then chances are that the rules would have been based on Texas Hold’Em. This is one of the oldest versions of the game and it’s certainly the one that most players turn to when they play poker online at Unibet.

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Texas Hold’Em poker rules are also seen as the easiest to understand so let’s get started.

The basics of Texas Holdem Poker

These particular rules are said to originate from the early 1900s and, as you may have already guessed, they were established in Texas. The objective is obviously to gain a better hand than your opponents but of all the poker variants, this tests skill and decision making to an optimum degree.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to play Texas Hold’Em, here are those rules:
At the start of each round of play, each player is dealt two cards face down and these are known as the ‘Hole Cards’. Once all the cards are dealt, a round of betting takes place where players decide whether to fold, bet or check.

Once that round of betting is complete, a further three cards are dealt’ face up in the middle of the table. These are known as the Flop. Once the flop has been made known a further round of betting occurs where players assess their initial hand together with those three upturned cards.

That round of betting concludes and a further card, known as the turn, is dealt face up. Once again, a round of betting ensues and then, a final card is turned. This is called the river and once it is down, the best hands are assessed and we have a winner.

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In order to understand how to play Texas Hold’Em, you need to know which hands beat other hands. This is essential as you will need to make quick decisions based on the cards you are dealt and if your hole cards are weak, you have the option of folding and taking no further part in the round.

The Texas Hold’Em poker rules in this respect are the same as any other variant and you can find and download charts while you are learning how to play poker online.

The best possible hand in poker is a Royal Flush which will contain A, K, Q, J and 10, all of the same suit and this is unbeatable. Following on is a straight flush where you can have any cards in a straight sequence and once again these must all be of the same suit.

Four of a kind follows and this is where you have four of the same cards across the four suits. Following on from this is a flush and a straight where the suits don’t have to match. Once you’re familiar with the sequences they will become second nature but they are essential to learn.

At Unibet, Texas Hold’Em is popular with all our poker players and you can join in the fun too so register and get playing right away.

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