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Play Poker Challenges with Unibet

At Unibet we like to reward our online poker players from the very start of their account but we also work hard to keep our loyal players happy. Loyalty schemes are important but not all programmes are the same and with Poker Challenges, you can earn points for completing some of the very basic in-play tasks.

Challenge points are awarded at various stages of online poker tournaments and when players have reached the 50 point threshold, they can be exchanged for a multitude of prizes. The points depend on the challenge that you have completed so without any further delay, here’s how it all works.

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Earning points

At the entry point of the poker challenges programme, there are ‘Minor Challenges’. These can see points awarded for easy options such as being dealt a suited hand or being deal a pair. You never know when these points will drop in so they add that nice element of surprise to your poker play and, of course, even the smallest reward will start to accumulate and help you rise up to that 50 point threshold.

Start earning points

From this point you will progress to Major Challenges and as you will have guessed, there is little more to achieve here with more points at stake. Major Challenge points will be awarded for tougher tasks such as winning a hand postflop when you have any hand worse than one pair. So, in this example, you are recovering from a weaker hand and this is a typical scenario where Major Poker Challenge points are awarded.

Each of our challenges are split into steps and players will need to complete all of those steps before points appear in their account. For example, if you see a challenge showing the numbers 10/30, it means that there are 30 steps to this particular challenge and at this point in time, you have completed 10 of them.

Other options

If you’ve entered a multi-table online poker tournament, points are still available but you don’t actually earn them by completing challenges. Instead, for every 1 Euro that you pay out in tournament fees, 100 challenge points will be awarded.
As mentioned, you only have to reach 50 points before you can redeem those challenges for rewards so what can you claim?


Firstly, players should note that the promotion periods are split into four quarters from the very start of the year. The first quarter therefore begins on the 01st of January and finishes on the 31st of March.

Check the Poker Challenges page of the Unibet website for the full rewards table in relation to points but note that you can win free cash, poker tickets, play-through bonuses, bonus points and you can even have a custom made avatar based on your own design.

It’s a poker loyalty programme like no other so sign up or log on to your Unibet account and start playing for the chance to meet challenges and to earn poker challenge points right away.

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